01. Good [nutrition] is essential for good health.
02. Adequate [nutrition] is essential to the proper physical development of children.
03. Doing lots of exercise won't keep you healthy if you don't eat [nutritious] food as well.
04. The [nutritional] information on the label of food products in Canada must be written in French and English.
05. Joan went to see a [nutritionist] because she is seriously into weight-lifting, and wanted to make sure her diet would help her to build up muscle.
06. Fifty percent of the world's population suffer from [malnutrition].
07. Too many people forget entirely about [nutrition], and choose their food solely on how good it tastes.
08. A person who is lost in the woods and starving can stay alive by chewing on his shoes; leather has enough [nutritional] value to keep a person alive for a short time.
09. Darker green lettuce leaves are more [nutritious] than lighter green leaves.
10. Half a billion people, about one of every eight, are suffering chronic [malnutrition] today.
11. [Malnutrition] is one of Uganda's most serious health problems.
12. Pizza is fast food, but a good pizza with lots of vegetables is actually quite [nutritious].
13. For the human body to run properly, it is essential that all its [nutritional] needs are met.
14. Some children in this country are showing signs of [malnutrition], not because they don't have enough to eat, but because they eat so much junk food.
15. Research shows that poor maternal [nutrition] during pregnancy can cause many problems for the unborn child.
16. Sathya Sai Baba once suggested that illnesses are caused more by [malnutrition] of the mind than of the body.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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